High quality fashion journalism

FELLT unites Australia’s most competent, most engaging and most popular writers. Their content is the foundation of a powerful advertising platform.


Launched in early 2012 FELLT is one of the most acclaimed fashion platforms on the web, known to host and manage some of the most influential content creators in fashion journalism. Gucci, Chanel, AMEX, Swarovski, Nike, Revlon and Net-a-porter have all launched successful campaigns on the platform.

Combining massive reach with high-quality content and an impactful display advertising format; FELLT can build your brand for you

Transparency is key. We offer realtime tracking through our advertising server and all third-party tracking services are as welcome. May 2012-September 2013 FELLT delivered an average click-through-rate of 2.6%. We have had advertising campaigns with an average click-through rate of +6%.