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Rather than anonymous media brands like magazines, we believe modern publishing is about individuals and individual influence. One person communicating to many through text, images, video and sound. We create, curate and commercialise that relationship on blogs and social media platforms.


Launched in early 2012, FELLT is one of the most acclaimed fashion platforms on the web, known to host and manage some of the most influential content creators in fashion journalism. Gucci, Chanel, AMEX, Swarovski, Nike, Revlon and Net-a-porter have all launched successful campaigns on the platform.

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Stoney Roads

Stoney Roads is Australia’s leading dance music blog. An influential on-the-minute news site and cultural community in which young users meet and engage with people and brands they like.

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An always guaranteed 100% share-of-voice, impactful ad formats and reliable delivery and analytics are contributing factors to Sydney Stockholm’s position as a premium publisher.

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